Inspiration Ahead


At Daniels Design and Remodeling, we take pride in the quality of our work and meeting all of your design needs. That’s why we’ve partnered up exclusively with Showplace Cabinetry. With hundreds of styles and options to choose from, making a selection that will fit your design tastes and budget comes with ease. The result is a reliable, quality product you can enjoy for years to come. 

Why Showplace

A home is a place where life’s moments happen. But it’s also a creative expression of your personality. Showplace offers craft cabinetry to fit your design tastes and budget. The result is a reliable, quality product you can enjoy for years to come. And because your choice of cabinetry style is a personal decision, our team delivers a very personalized experience, helping inspire your imagination along the way.

What Makes Them different

Dare to dream beyond just the kitchen. Showplace has designs for the bath, home office, rec room, even designer closets and Murphy Wall-Beds. Customize as desired, create unique sizes or add glass doors and decorative panels. You can even specify custom paint colors. Your design options are wide open – even if your budget is not.

Inspire The imagination

Showplace Cabinetry is made to order to your exact specifications in a wide array of woods, styles, finishes, accents and line options customized to precisely fit the unique demands of almost any space and budget.