Jones Family Lake House

The Jones family enlisted our home renovating services to completely remodel the kitchen layout of their Northern Virginia lake house. What was previously a constricting, divided space became open, bright, and functional — not to mention much more conducive to family time and easier socializing in general. With an improved flow, broader lake views, and a serious upgrade in natural light, the new layout is as aesthetically pleasing as it is optimally functional.


Lake Anna, VA

Project Duration

3 Months


$150,000 – $170,000


As can be expected with a project of this scope, juggling numerous goals means surmounting a multitude of challenges at the same time. In this case, improving the flow of the kitchen layout was the primary end, yet we were able to increase the amount of natural light while providing broader lake views simultaneously. The new floorplan created a circular flow between the kitchen and great room, effectively solving the “bottleneck” issue by removing a non-bearing wall between the spaces. What’s more, the new layout provides ample storage space and open stations for the family and their guests to gather while entertaining. Through the use of functional, sustainable materials, we were able to create a safer, more inviting, and more beautiful lake house for this wonderful family.

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HAPPY CLIENTS ~ The Jones family wanted to improve their kitchen layout at their lake house and wanted an open, functional flow with increased storage, lighting and trending styles. We removed a non-bearing wall between kitchen and great room and created an area for a large island. These changes brought in their thirst for abundant, natural light and solved the bottleneck that occurred in the old space when the refrigerator was in use. The new layout provides ample storage space and open stations for friends and family to gather while entertaining. Updating the kitchen and living space enhances the function of the home.

IMPROVED FLOW ~ The new floorplan created a circular flow between the two spaces, which allows for improved communications and offers more connectivity between outdoors and indoors by opening the view from the kitchen to a broader lake view.

BROADER LAKE VIEWS ~ The kitchen island is centrally located and now contains a beautiful copper sink, plenty of room for seating and food prep and is now a functional gathering area with great flow around it. Sink was relocated from a side location of the old kitchen to a more central location. Also, the sink now has a view of the lake while doing the dishes instead of looking at the dining room table.

FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS ~ We converted existing outdated materials to be more attractive and functional: lighting, cabinetry, flooring, and tiled surfaces. We found ways to provide innovative materials for our homeowners’ selections by maintaining the use of the existing knotty pine beams, ceiling and posts and working with the existing ‘cottage feel’ while updating fixtures, finishes and flow through the space. Warm design elements are evident through use of copper accents like the hood, faucets, sink and cabinet pulls.

SAFETY 1ST ~ Safety needs were addressed by attending to superior lighting, non-slippery, luxury, vinyl flooring and removal of the awkwardly positioned refrigerator.

SOLVED CHALLENGES ~ With post and beam construction, the ceiling material is also the flooring material for the 2nd floor, which makes running new lighting and electrical across the ceiling a challenge and we solved this problem by replicating the look of the 2 1/2″ thick ceiling boards but using 3/4″ material. By artificially lowering ceiling by 1 1/2″ we created a hidden chase for new electrical wiring, as well as a void thick enough to allow the new LED recessed lighting. The new ceiling is indistinguishable from the existing ceilings in the surrounding rooms and artfully solves the lighting issue.

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