About Kristee

Interior Designer

Interior design and space planning are a passion for Kristee, and she considers each of her projects to be a beautiful journey. With over 15 years of experience in the Architectural and Design industry, she has been blessed to create many beautiful and functional spaces. Kristee has completed an array of projects, including historical home kitchen and bath renovations, multi-level corporate redesigns, executive suite refreshes, and cozy outdoor spaces and cafes.

Kristee graduated college locally in Virginia, and started her design career right after design school at a small architectural firm in Fairfax, VA.  She was quickly and fully immersed in every phase of design, from schematic development, to construction document production, to walking the site with the contractors and clients at the completion of the project. While Kristee loves all stages of the design process, seeing her space plans and designs come to life as they are built from a drawing that she sketched feels like a dream come true each and every time.

When she is not designing, Kristee also loves spending time in nature, running, and being creative in the kitchen!

Jacori Schoolfield