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Outside of our bedrooms, we spend the most time in the kitchen, and we spend the most waking time in our kitchen, rather than sleeping. You want a kitchen that is not only comfortable, but functional, and, ideally, one that is beautiful, warm and inviting as well. You want a place where if your neighbor stopped by, you could have afternoon tea, or a place where your kids can do their homework. You want a space where you could hold family get-togethers and not feel crowded. Let’s face it, while cliche, the kitchen is where the heart is, and we all know how you need to take care of your heart.

Daniels Design & Remodeling offers exceptional kitchen remodeling services for your Northern Virginia home. Whether you want to blow out a wall and increase the size of your kitchen substantially, or you want to add a custom kitchen island with a sink, we can help. No home or kitchen remodeling project is too small or too big. With over 20 years of home remodeling experience, our experts can help you every step of the way, from the design phase to completion. We are alway happy to answer any questions and to provide you with all the information you need. Contact our home remodeling company to schedule a consultation today!


  • Contemporary: Contemporary kitchens feature clean lines and geometric forms with top-of-the line appliances and a nice mix of patterns, unique materials, and defining textures.

  • Modern: Modern kitchens are very similar to contemporary kitchens, except with a minimalist approach. You will find less patterns, details, and frills in modern kitchens.

  • Traditional: If you picture the kitchen you grew up with, most likely it was a traditional kitchen. You’ll see white cabinets, black accents, and very simple designs that are easy to customize to your taste.

  • Farmhouse: With open shelves, wood kitchen tables, and a large, deep basin porcelain sink, a farmhouse kitchen is warm, cozy, inviting, and the perfect place to host your family gatherings.



As we all know, there are too many things we want, and our budget will just not allow for all of them. Thus, choices must be made on which new kitchen remodel features you want. This is a balance between what you want the most and which upgrades will afford you more bang for your buck. Daniels Design & Remodeling recommends these kitchen upgrades for the money:

  • Countertops. By far, the most popular upgrade for kitchens is kitchen countertops. They can give any kitchen a facelift, and it is the first thing potential home buyers notice and look for in your kitchen. Granite is the most popular material, followed by quartz and marble.
  • Appliances. It’s super nice to have a roomy refrigerator, especially if you have a large family. Many people complain how small their refrigerator is, and it’s often one of the first things people change when investing in a kitchen remodeling service. Stainless steel is by and far the most popular choice.
  • Kitchen cabinets. Cabinets can be a surprisingly pricey item to add to your kitchen remodel. However, it also is a top item that future home buyers look for. With kitchen cabinets, you can refinish your existing cabinets (in essence, giving them a facelift), which is a popular and more affordable option, or you can invest in brand new ones that will give your kitchen pizzazz.
  • Flooring. The type of flooring you have is important in all areas of your home, not just your kitchen. However, flooring matters and can be a perfect complement to your kitchen remodel. Hardwood is miles ahead of tile, the next popular choice. It’s important that your flooring look good and add to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, so be sure to spend some time choosing the perfect flooring for your Northern Virginia kitchen remodel. Call Daniels Design & Remodeling for more kitchen remodel ideas today.


  • Top-notch service. When you hire a professional home remodeling service in Northern Virginia, you can expect the highest-quality kitchen remodel service. Every detail will be pristine and not forgotten, and you can be confident that your expectations will be very much exceeded. You can most definitely tell the difference between a DIY job and a professional job. Daniels Design & Remodeling strives to offer you the kitchen of your dreams exactly how you envision it that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Call us to get started today!
  • Experience. It can be overwhelming to start a kitchen remodel. After all, you have to plan and design the remodel, procure all of the tools to do the job, and purchase all of the parts, materials, and appliances you are using. Plus, there’s the super technical side of it, such as electrical wiring and plumbing, which you might not know how to do. When you partner with an experienced kitchen remodeling service, you can expect all of the moving parts and pieces to be connected for you. Plus, they know the best subcontractors and often can get better prices on items, such as appliances, due to the amount of business they conduct. Call us today!
  • A designer’s eye. Sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective on things. This is most definitely true in a kitchen remodel. You can become so used to seeing something everyday that it’s extremely hard to imagine your kitchen in any other way. This is where the eye of a professional kitchen designer is invaluable. They can help see your kitchen in a new light and offer up a dozen or more ideas on the possibilities. When you are investing in such an important undertaking, this itself can be worth its weight in gold. Call Daniels Design & Remodeling for a new perspective on your kitchen remodel for your Northern Virginia home today!

Ready to Get Started?


Your kitchen is such an important part of your home that it’s important that you choose the right kitchen remodeling service that is up the task. Daniels Design & Remodeling has been serving the Fairfax and Northern Virginia area for over 20 years. We are passionate about helping homeowners have the kitchen of their dreams where they can cook nutritious meals for their family, hold big family get togethers, and form memories for years to come.

Our kitchen remodeling process is quite simple. We’ve broken it down into three easy steps: a feasibility study, the design process, and then the build process. First, we’ll come to your home and take a look at your kitchen. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions so we can fully understand your vision. Then we’ll come up with three design concepts from which you can choose. Once your design is chosen, we’ll get to work, picking out the materials and handling the behind the scenes process, such as permitting. Then the magic begins. We begin the construction phase where your dream kitchen will begin to materialize. We’ll update you every step of the way as to our progress, and there’s always room for last minute tweaks. Finally, we’ll do a final walk through to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new kitchen. We warranty our work so if down the road you discover something, we’ll fix it.

Daniels Design & Remodeling offers the best kitchen remodeling services in Northern Virginia. We serve all of Northern Virginia, including Lorton, McLean, Fairfax, Reston, and Vienna. We can’t wait to help make your dreams come true. Call our team for a free consultation today!