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Home Remodeling ROI: A Room-By-Room Guide

What’s the best bang for your buck home remodel project? There are many remodeling options that can add value to your home and make those restyled spaces more enjoyable. Whether you’re remodeling before a sale or simply making your space suit your current needs, it’s worth prioritizing the best home remodeling ROI. 

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Home Renovations with The Best ROI

Investing in your home is a smart way to enhance your home today and increase resale value later. Your home remodeling ROI may vary, but these industry averages offer excellent insight into the benefits of various home remodeling projects.

#1. Minor Kitchen Remodel Return on Investment: 81.8 percent

A minor kitchen remodel is giving your kitchen a facelift and enhancing its functionality. Here are a few options for your minor kitchen remodel in Fairfax or elsewhere:

  • Replace old, outdated wood panels and drawer fronts with new ones, including the hardware, but leave the existing cabinet boxes where they’re at.
  • Replace the floor with newer, more resilient flooring.
  • Replace the oven range/cooktop and refrigerator with more efficient models.
  • Replace old laminate countertops.
  • Replace the faucet and sink.

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Universal Design Bathroom Return on Investment: 74 percent

Updating a space with a universal design means designing a space that is accessible for everyone, regardless of age, size or ability, which often means making a space more functional for people who have disabilities. Here are a few ways to update an existing bathroom with a universal design:

  • Widen the doorway.
  • Move the outlets and electrical switches to sitting level.
  • Reconfigure the storage so it’s accessible at sitting level.
  • Reinforce the bathroom walls so that towel hooks, seats and grab bars can be safely installed.
  • Replace the bathtub with walk-in shower that has grab bars and a fold-down seat.
  • Replace the toilet with a taller one, and install a grab bar on the wall.
  • Replace the bathroom vanity with a sink that you can roll a wheelchair under.
  • Replace the sink’s handles with lever handles.
  • Replace the overhead lighting with LED lights equivalent to about 100 watts.

Bathroom Remodel Return on Investment: 73.5 percent

There are many ways to remodel and enhance your bathroom. Here are a few of the tasks a typical bathroom remodeling project will consist of:

  • Replace the floors with ceramic tile flooring.
  • Replace the shower tiles with ceramic tile.
  • Replace the bathtub with a porcelain-on-steel tub.
  • Replace all the fixtures with low-flow or energy-efficient fixtures, including the shower, toilet, and sink.
  • Replace the sink/vanity with a solid-surface vanity counter that has an integrated sink.
  • Add a recessed medicine cabinet with updated lighting.

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Major Kitchen Remodel Return on Investment – 60.5 percent

Doing a major remodel on your kitchen will help to enhance its look, energy efficiency and functionality. Here are a few options for your major kitchen remodel:

  • Install an island in the center of the kitchen.
  • Replace the cabinets with custom wood cabinets.
  • Add in additional storage space.
  • Replace the countertops.
  • Replace a standard sink with a single-lever faucet to a double-tub, stainless steel sink.
  • Replace the fixtures and appliances with newer, more energy-efficient models.
  • Install a built-in microwave.
  • Replace the flooring with new, more resilient flooring.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling, walls and trim.
  • Install custom lighting.

Master Suite Addition Return on Investment – 57.2 percent

Adding a master suite to your home means adding a master bedroom with a bathroom attached to it. The average size of a master suite addition is 24 feet by 16 feet. Here’s what the project may entail:

  • Carpeting in the bedroom
  • Ceramic tile in the bathroom
  • A walk-in closet or dressing area
  • A free-standing tub to soak in
  • A separate shower with ceramic tile
  • A double-bowl vanity
  • A solid-surface countertop
  • Painted walls, trim and ceiling
  • General lighting and spotlighting

Basement Remodeling Return on Investment – 70-75 percent

Remodeling living spaces like basements, studies, or recreation rooms provides more functional space for entertaining and relaxing. Remodeling an unfinished basement is an excellent option and offers between 70-75% ROI. 

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Is Remodeling Your Home a Good Investment?

Remodeling your home is a sound financial decision. Unlike most investments, which take a long time to pay for themselves, investing in your home offers immediate benefits like enhanced comfort and functionality for your family. 

Your renovation return on investment isn’t limited to the project you choose. Other factors impact your ROI, including:

Location – The property values around your home will impact the total resale value of your home. For example, investing $100,000 into a property where the median home value is $200,000 may not increase your home’s value above the median, or at least not by much. 

Regional Tastes – There are regional preferences that place more value on some remodeling projects than others. Adding a fireplace to your living space may provide more value in colder Northern states than in the hotter South. Similarly, three-season rooms may be more valuable south of the Mason-Dixon than north. We know the general preferences of Northern Virginia homebuyers and can help you choose the best project. 

Market Trends – When housing prices rise, home remodeling projects are more valuable for buyers. Strong real estate markets reward renovation projects. If you are considering selling your home, take the time to explore remodeling options that can increase your home’s value – and your asking price.

Financing Home Renovations 

Yes, you can finance a remodel or renovation project for your home! Accessing capital for your project helps to reduce the immediate impact on your family’s expenses. The additional budget provided by remodeling loans also ensures you invest in enough to get the job done right. Home remodel financing options vary by region, so be sure to contact local housing resources. 

Creative Ways to Finance A Home Renovation

There are several ways to fund your home renovations. Always talk to a financial expert before taking out loans and be sure to consider the risks of both financing and remodeling. 

Refinance your mortgage. For homeowners with enough equity, refinancing your existing home loan for a new loan worth more than you owe frees up more cash to invest in your remodel. 

Home equity line of credit – A HELOC is an excellent option for property owners that have a low interest rate on their mortgage or have already paid off their house. This credit structure borrows against the value of your home. HELOCs are tax deductible up to $100,000 and usually have a much lower interest rate compared to standard credit cards. Be sure to establish whether the HELOC is an adjustable or fixed-rate loan. 

Let’s Talk ROI

At Daniels Design & Remodeling, we’ve worked with hundreds of Northern Virginia families to help them make sound financial decisions when it comes to their home. Count on us as a resource and a sounding-board as you start your remodeling journey. Take the first step. Schedule a conversation with us today. 

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Customer Spotlight

Now that you have a feel for our process, project types, and the kind of return-on-investment that is typical for the home remodeling projects listed, it’s high time we highlight what our customers are saying about working with our home remodeling contractors in Northern Virginia.

At Daniels Design & Remodeling, we are passionate about our commitment to putting the customer first in all that we do. But we also understand that nearly every remodeling contractor under the sun is going to have similar claims in this regard. We could talk (or write) about excellent customer service until we are blue in the face (or fingertips), but at the end of the day, the proof remains in the pudding. In this case, the pudding happens to be real reviews and testimonials from real customers of Daniels Design & Remodeling:

Truly Increased Not Only The Value, But The Enjoyment Of Our Home On A Daily Basis

Ted and his entire team at DDR are fantastic. Our project was on time, on budget and the space is now more functional and more beautiful than we had imagined it could be. DDR designed and executed a total kitchen/laundry room remodel for our busy family that has truly increased not only the value, but the enjoyment of our home on a daily basis.” – Amy F., Five Stars, Facebook Reviews

Amy, we are thrilled to read your kind words. But the pleasure we receive from hearing you enjoy your home much more than you were previously able to is what we really love about our jobs. Plus, increasing your home’s value is a nice little cherry on top! Thanks for taking the time to let us and others know how your experience was while working with our home redesign company, Amy.

This experienced, careful and creative company did a wonderful job on my house. I would recommend them for a project of any size.” – Linda S., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Linda, we very much enjoy being described with the adjectives you selected — it makes us feel great! What’s more, we are so happy that you are pleased with the work we performed on your home. Please think of us again in the near future!

On Time And On Budget, And Every Phase Was Extremely Well Thought Out

Ted Daniels and his team are talented, professional, creative, and above all, determined not to leave a job until it is completed to their and their clients’ satisfaction. The whole team is hands-on and willing to walk you through every step of a design/remodel project. They did a beautiful job on our kitchen remodel. It was completed on time and on budget, and every phase was extremely well thought out. We enjoyed having them in our home and recommend them without hesitation. They will be the first people we call for our next project.” Reid R., Five Stars, Facebook Reviews

Reid, this testimonial so much encapsulates our mission at DD&R; above all, we prioritize client experience, so it’s amazing to see those efforts be recognized like you have here. More specifically, we do our best to ensure we are proactively communicative with our clients, informing them about each step along with keeping them posted about what to expect in the days to come.

Attention to detail and considerate planning are hallmarks of our home remodeling firm, so we are thrilled to hear about your experience, Reid. Don’t hesitate to give us a call in the future!

A Very Unique, Boutique Like Experience

Nothing but great things to say about the Daniel’s team. They care about producing high quality work while making sure to stay on budget. They’re very attentive to details and provide a very unique, boutique like experience.” Jack K., Five Stars, Google Reviews

We’d be remiss if we failed to point out a motif of the reviews we’ve selected to highlight — we are serious about being on time and on budget. As far as we are concerned, those two elements are as closely connected with customer experience as anything else. Jack, thanks for recognizing our efforts. We hope you think of us again if you have any home redesign projects in mind! Schedule your conversation with Northern Virginia’s premier home design remodeler today!

No matter what you envision for your space, we can turn your vision into a stunning reality.

We hope that this guide has given you the information you need to find the right project for your needs, your budget and your property’s value. Of course, these are just a few ideas of what can be done in each of these remodeling projects. Here at Daniels Design & Remodeling, we’re proud to say that we allow our creativity and experience to guide us in designing and completing the perfect project for you. And, we’re dedicated to ensuring that, no matter what you want out of your project, we’ll make it happen. Your satisfaction is always our home remodeling contractors’ number one priority.

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