Northern Virginia Home Additions: Make Room to Grow

As your family grows and changes, your space needs change, too. Home remodeling and additions allow homeowners to adapt their home to fit their family’s evolving needs.

Make space for change, for a growing family, or for new passions with a home addition designed and built by Daniels Design and Remodeling. Northern Virginia home remodeling starts and finishes with our local contractors based right here in Fairfax County.

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Home Addition Benefits

There are many reasons to consider a home addition. Whether you’re looking to add value or just enjoy some elbow room, these are some important things to think about:

  • More functional space – The goal of any home addition is to create more room. The goal of an expertly designed and executed addition, however, is to make every inch of your new space work for your needs and fit your tastes. Our team works with you to establish what’s possible and to create detailed designs for your consideration. 
  • Increase home value – Increasing square footage is a great way to add value to your home. If the main objective in taking on a home addition is to make your home more valuable on the housing market, take some time to research what kind of addition would do the most to increase resale value. Examine the existing space, floorplan, appliances, and your property to determine what direction will have the biggest impact on ROI. Invest in a home addition, bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel, or a comprehensive renovation that includes more than one room. 
  • Add a guest room – Welcome friends and family in comfort. Offer guests their own space to make their stay more enjoyable for them and more convenient for your family. That extra room may fulfill other needs in between visitors as well, perhaps serving as a gym, yoga studio, or home office. 
  • New needs, same home – Stay where you always wanted to be, even if your needs have changed. From a growing family to new interests, a home addition offers the chance to shape a new space to be exactly what you want, without the headache of moving. 

Home Addition Options

There are three main types of home additions to consider: 

  • Build Out – A build out expands your home’s footprint at the ground level. This option often depends on how close the proposed addition is to your property line. 
  • Build Up – This option builds vertically on top of your current structure to extend an existing upper floor or create a new level entirely. 
  • Detached Build – A detached build is a completely new structure that isn’t attached to the main home at all. Like a build out, this option is often dependent on the size of your property. 

We can help you decide which type of home addition is the right fit for your property, as well as share any local restrictions on home addition construction.

The Home Addition Process

It’s the process that sets Daniels Design and Remodeling apart. We meet with you to better understand your goals, evaluate the space, and determine what is feasible. Our in-house designers have a reputation for offering clients a selection of inspired, bespoke sketches that are sure to exceed your expectations. Right away, you’ll recognize that our team does things differently from other home addition contractors. 

Choose Daniels Remodeling for Home Additions in Northern Virginia 

No matter what your motivation for your home addition, the success of the project depends on working with designers and craftsmen who can bring your vision to life. We’ve been serving Fairfax, Virginia, and neighboring communities since 1997. Daniels Design and Remodeling developed an innovative 3 Step Process to ensure we get your home addition right and make the process as fun and exciting as it should be. 

Begin the remodeling process today. Call (703) 239-2700 or schedule a conversation with us to get started. 

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