About Fiona

Architectural Drafter

Fiona earned her Bachelors of Science in Architecture in Iran.  Following her graduation, she entered the world of construction to explore her passion for design.  Over 8 years, Fiona designed many residential houses.  In 2014 she immigrated to the United States.  She began working as a CAD drafter in Virginia, returning to the construction world.  Fiona believes that not only is Architecture a creative profession, but also an opportunity to design things that matter, and develop solutions no one else has thought of.  Especially during this time of rapid social and technological changes, the need to think creatively is greater now than ever before.  Fiona’s goal is to become a certified Architect in the United States. 
Fiona is particularly interested in outdoor activities, especially hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and kayaking in West Virginia.  She also enjoys introducing her four-year-old son to nature, visiting regional parks, and exploring the wooded areas in and around Virginia.
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