Your Ticket to Streamlined Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel can feel like a daunting project to take on. With so many choices to make and so many options available, where do you even start?

Our Express Remodeling Service is the key to enhancing your bathroom using our fast home renovation and remodeling option. We help you build a home renovation package to upgrade your bathroom with a hand-picked selection of our most popular options for floors, cabinets and other features. Learn more about our most efficient and affordable way to remodel.

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How an Express Bathroom Remodel Works

Express has one purpose: elegant, efficient and simplified design, tailored for you. Our designers work with you to streamline the planning process so we can get your renovation done as quickly as possible.

Here’s how your Express journey to tailoring your bathroom renovation plan works:

Schedule an assessment.

Our designers will walk your space with you, getting an understanding of your bathroom’s feel and renovation opportunities. We provide insightful advice, taking the quirks of your home into account.

Build and refine your design plan.

During our in-home visit, you’ll sit down with our skilled designers. We’ll go over the condensed catalog of available Express options, reviewing the selection of hand-picked elements for each aspect of your bathroom. Our designers will offer advice and help you pick the solutions and finishes that will work best in your home. You can choose to schedule an optional second meeting in our office to review product samples or finalize your choices from your initial meeting. When you’re happy with the final design, we can put our plan into action.

Seamlessly transition to execution.

With preset options, we can move right into pricing and executing the final design. Our automated system will take your choices and room size into account, providing you with a full, transparent price upfront. Once you approve the plan, we’ll typically begin work within a week.

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Begin planning quick, easy home renovations for your bathroom by scheduling an appointment with one of our practiced designers.

Just like our bespoke remodels, our designers and their skilled home renovation services will be there for you every step of the way.

And if you decide you want an even more personalized look, you can always swap to our standard, fully custom “all-options” service.

Schedule an Appointment

Why Choose Express?

Express is designed to ease the way for homeowners, transforming a long and often overwhelming process into something that you can have planned out in a few weeks. Here are the benefits you can expect from Express:

Avoid choice paralysis. We’ve narrowed the pre-selected choices so you can easily find the beautiful finishes that will make your project come to life without wading through dozens of nearly identical options.

Material selections tailored to your tastes.  We meticulously select materials that match your desired design palette. You can trust that each choice is carefully hand-picked to ensure harmony and cohesion with your envisioned aesthetic

Design a renovation that matches the budget. Our limited selection means we’ll have an easy time sourcing materials, saving on the high costs that can come with custom orders. We also make sure to spread our offerings across three distinct price points, so you can match taste to budget.

Receive instantaneous pricing. Once you’ve made your selections, we can tell you the cost of your project on the spot. There’s no need for further research or contacting suppliers. You’ll have a clear, transparent price tag on your project.

Save time on your renovation. We’ve streamlined the design process so you don’t have to spend it combing through hundreds of options. Instead, we can get right to the most exciting part: completing the renovation.

Meet once, then get started. Unlike other renovation processes, we use our condensed list of options to reduce the planning stage down to one in-home meeting with our designers. That means less back-and-forth on every detail, allowing us to start renovations on an accelerated timeline. We can start your bathroom projects within a few days of your scheduled appointment.

Opportunity for refinement. Just because we’re offering pre-selected options doesn’t mean your home won’t feel like yours. And it won’t look just like everyone else’s, either! Each combination is unique, adjusted as necessary to fit your home.

Enjoy the same high quality. Our design process may be expedited, but we put the same care into sourcing and installing our materials as with every job. You can have an accelerated timeline and quality craftsmanship without sacrificing one for the other.

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Choose from our hand-picked catalog of fixtures and finishes, narrowed down to high-end, readily available materials.

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Plan your space in 1-2 meetings with our designers and enjoy a completed bathroom in 1-3 weeks.

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Design with affordable high-quality materials, replacing outdated fixtures without altering the current footprint of your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel Packages

An affordable bathroom remodel can be hard to come by. Luckily, an Express remodeling plan puts a stunning update within reach. When you choose Express affordable bathroom remodeling, you can choose from features, including:

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With an Express remodel, construction can be completed in one to three weeks. To get started building your complete bathroom renovation package, schedule a conversation schedule a conversation with a designer.

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Update Your Bathroom with Affordable Home Remodeling Near Me in Northern Virginia

Your bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve married elegant design with easy efficiency, so you can get to enjoying your home update sooner. We want you to be able to retreat to a newly renovated bathroom oasis, not get stuck stressing over details.

If you’re ready to build your bathroom remodel plan, schedule a conversation with a designer and select the “Express” option for streamlined service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When would I choose Express over standard bathroom remodeling services?

An Express bathroom renovation provides focused elegance. By reducing the available catalog of fixtures and finishes to a few hand-picked favorites, we allow you to beautifully revamp your space without diving into the time-and-attention-demanding minutiae of a full custom design. This simplified, streamlined approach allows us to optimize and update your existing bathroom without you needing to spend weeks or months in the planning stage.

Express is also one of our most affordable home renovation services. Opt for Express if you’re looking for a gorgeous renovation on a budget or a tight timescale.

How long does a home remodel take with Express?

A bespoke home remodel can take 4-12 weeks for construction, with an additional 4-6 weeks of planning as we help you dive into the minutiae of all the available home remodel features.

With Express, your planning stage can be completed in just a few days. Once your plan is complete, we can start construction. We’ve selected products with one week of lead time or less to avoid supply chain snags. Your designer will be able to give you a more concrete timeline for your specific project, but most bathroom renovations only take 1 to 3 weeks.

How many options will I have?

Your options vary by bathroom feature, but we make sure to provide an adequate set of choices at different price points to ensure we are catering to all types of design personalities. You will select from a collection of styles, colors, and finishes, with a stunning array of functionality options included as well. Your designer will be able to tell you more about which features fit your home the best.