Office Visit

During your visit to our office in Fairfax, our Design team will present the conceptual designs, which include a palette of coordinating products and selections that align with your taste and style. You will select the conceptual design that best meets your needs.

Design Polish

This phase takes place once the conceptual design is chosen. During this comprehensive and creative design process, you are able to make design adjustments. .

Material Selections

Our design team will guide and manage all product selections and compile them into a complete and cohesive package in order to complete your project that aligns with your taste and style.

Site Study

The purpose of the site study is to evaluate the project space to minimize unknown surprises during construction and familiarize the team with your renovation project.

Trade Evaluations

Each of the individual trades that will be responsible for building your project will review details, including the scope of work, to determine exactly what is required to build your project to code, so we can confidently present you with a construction agreement for a firm, fixed investment.

Compiling the Data

These are some of the behind-the-scenes activities that help us design and build a project that you will love. At this point in the process, we have permit-ready plans, all of the selections and the trade information we need to allow us to put it all together and present you with an outstanding project.

Authorize Agreement

You will authorize a fixed investment construction agreement outlining the final total, approximate duration and terms for construction of the remodeling project you selected.