Let us help you make the most of your child’s old, empty room.

If your child is about to leave the nest for the first time, you have a very important decision to make — what to do with their old room! You may be tempted to leave the room as it is in order to pay homage to your child and all of the fond memories you have of raising them, but wouldn’t you rather transform it into a space that you’ll actually get some use out of it? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog series, the designers at Northern Virginia’s best remodeling company have been going over the top ways to transform your child’s empty room. Check out part one to learn about the ideas we’ve already covered, and keep reading to learn more.

A Master Closet

Are you constantly competing for space with your spouse in a too-small closet? If so, the best use of your child’s old room may be to transform it into the ultimate master closet. A closet may not seem like the most exciting way to use a spare room, but once you experience the luxury of being able to spread out your belongings and clearly see all of your clothes, shoes, hats and accessories, you’re going to love it. Not only will you be able to get organized, but you’ll free up more space in the master bedroom as well.

Pro Tip: To make a master closet even more functional, transform it into a closet/laundry room by installing a washer and dryer.

An Exercise Studio

When your gym is on the other side of town, it makes it that much more difficult to be able to actually get to the gym. For many people, this kind of inconvenience is enough to keep them out of the gym and from working out altogether. If this sounds like you, a home gym may be just the thing you need to find the motivation to keep up a consistent workout routine. You can make your home gym as simple or as complex as you’d like.

A Spa-Like Bathroom

Oversized jacuzzi bathtubs, vanities, steam showers, mood lighting and heated tile floors are all things that help to make a bathroom less like a bathroom and more like your favorite spa, but the downside is that not all bathrooms have the space for this kind of luxury. If you have an empty room on your hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to create the bathroom of your dreams. Not only will this give you an extra bathroom in your home — which will help to increase the value of your home — but it will also give you a place to relax and unwind after a long day.

No matter what you envision for your child’s old, empty room, turn to Daniels Design & Remodeling to bring your dream to life. Our remodeling contractors are some of the most experienced and creative in the industry, and we’re confident that we have what it takes to exceed your expectations.

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