The design-build remodeling philosophy centers around an integrated, collaborative approach between designers, contractors, and homeowners from the very start of the project. This vertically integrated approach smooths the remodeling process by streamlining communication, accelerating project delivery, and meeting project budgets.

Design-Build Remodeling, Defined

The design-build method combines all the remodeling work into a single contract and a single process. A traditional building project awards different contracts to different entities with specific responsibilities. With the traditional building method, homeowners are forced into the middle of these entities, coordinating work and responsibilities between several companies.

The idea isn’t new. The basics of design-build have been in place for thousands of years, known as the master builder approach.

Design-build projects get the right people involved and on the same team from the beginning. This means collaboration between every role is handled internally and everyone is involved in the estimation process for a more accurate quote. This includes team members like:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Craftworkers
  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers

Instead of dealing with these entities separately, design-build remodelers offer homeowners a single contact to work with.

The Benefits of Design-Build

Design-build remodeling offers several advantages.

  • An accurate estimate – Daniels Design & Remodeling brings the entire team to your feasibility study to gather exact measurements, evaluate material and design options, and get the information they need to design up to three remodel options. Establishing these choices early reduces the risk of exceeding remodeling budgets later on.
  • Streamlined management – A single project manager organizes all workers. For homeowners, that means communicating with one contact rather than attempting to manage the projects themselves with several companies involved.
  • Faster completion – Having a firm plan in place and reducing delays caused by miscommunication and scheduling problems, design-build remodeling often results in accelerated project completion, helping your family settle into your reimagined space sooner.

These are just a few of the reasons design-build remodeling improves customer satisfaction. Learn more about our process to see it step-by-step.

Bringing Design-Build to Northern Virginia

Whether it’s a home addition or a kitchen remodel, design-build has its perks. Working with a design-build remodeling company reduces costs, improves results, and makes the process exciting, not stressful. When we bring together our team of remodeling experts, we know the most valuable member of the project is you. With weekly meetings and open lines of communications, Daniels Design & Remodeling offers a positive experience for our clients. Start your project with us – schedule a conversation today.