Want to make your kitchen perfect for entertaining?

The holidays are here at last, and that has many of us thinking about entertaining. Whether you’re planning to spend the holidays with just your immediate family or you’ll be throwing a party for all of your loved ones, chances are, the center for entertainment in your home will be the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of every home, but not every kitchen is designed to entertain, and if your kitchen isn’t quite up to to the task, you’ll be glad to know that there are a lot of upgrades you could make — both big and small — that can make your kitchen ideal for entertaining your guests.

#1. Install separate beverage refrigerators.

If you have people over frequently, it might make sense to install beverage coolers so that you always have plenty of beer, wine or soda on-hand, chilled and ready to go. This helps to eliminate those last-minute trips to the store to buy ice and adds an extra layer of sophistication to your kitchen.

#2. Install a second oven.

Unless you prefer to get your events catered, entertaining often means a lot of time spent preparing food. And, when you’re preparing a large meal with multiple dishes, like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, finding the necessary oven time for all of your dishes can be difficult. This can be easily solved by simply installing a second oven in your kitchen. Of course, this project is not so simple if you have to remodel your kitchen to find the space, but if you’re already planning a kitchen renovation or you already have the space, a second oven can be a god-send.

#3. Add more storage.

When you’re entertaining, the more counter-space you have, the better off you’ll be. But in order to clear your countertops, you need to have the necessary storage space. One of the most popular storage options for entertaining is adding a butler’s pantry. Butler’s pantries are small, separate rooms, much like closets, that can add ample storage to any kitchen. Of course, there needs to be room in your kitchen in order to easily add a butler’s pantry. If you’re looking for a less dramatic way to add more storage to your kitchen, you could also utilize the space under your island for storage or install hidden storage areas throughout your kitchen.

#4. Consider an open-plan design.

Are you planning a full kitchen remodel? If so, consider an open-plan design concept for your new kitchen. These designs are perfect for entertaining, as they allow you to interact with your guests as you cook and work in the kitchen. These designs also allow for a lot more standing or sitting room. And, because open kitchens almost always have islands, you’ll have plenty of counter space to serve food to your guests. The only downside to kitchens like these is that storage can be hard to come by, but there are a lot of creative ways to fit more storage into your kitchen, you just have to work with the right remodeling contractor.

#5. Install a second dishwasher.

Just as a second oven can certainly come in handy when you entertain a lot of guests, so can a second dishwasher. While some events are perfect for paper plates and cutlery, sometimes, you want to impress your guests with your most beautiful dishes. And, any time you are doing more dishes than usual, a second dishwasher could certainly pay off. Since putting dishes in the dishwasher saves water compared to handwashing, this could even help you save more energy. However, installing a second dishwasher is only ideal if you have a large family or you’re entertaining often enough to get regular use out of it; otherwise, it will just take up space.

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