Do you wish you could go to the spa for a relaxing getaway whenever you need a little “me time”? By transforming your primary bathroom design, you can enjoy the spa experience at home. Daniels Design and Remodeling brings luxury features and tailored details together to create a bespoke at-home getaway.

Want to learn how to make your bathroom feel like a spa that you can relax in whenever you want? Explore our favorite spa-inspired spa bathroom ideas.

The Centerpiece: Shower and Bathtub Spa Ideas

Luxurious master bathrooms center around one feature piece: the bathtub or shower. The opportunity to maximize relaxation makes this the main target of a spa bathroom makeover!

First, choose whether you want a bathtub, shower or combo. If you have a particularly large bathroom (or make use of a home addition to expand your space), you could even have both, separately instead of combined.

Bathtubs are more traditionally associated with spas. You can unwind with a relaxing soak filled with your favorite bubble bath or bath salts. Indulge in a specialty tub outfitted with massaging jets or a whirlpool feature. High-comfort tubs with molded seats and cushy headrests make relaxing an even more pleasant experience. And make sure you have a tub big enough to stretch out as much as you want.

A large, walk-in shower offers plenty of room for extra features. You can choose the showerhead that fits your spa bathroom design the best. A rain shower is a typical choice, but you can also choose a multi-pressure head or a handheld one for easier washing. Side jets installed in the walls offer a refreshing mid-shower massage while a steam shower setting is perfect for reducing stress. An in-shower seat offers a place to store toiletries or relax.

Luxury Bathroom Vanity Designs

Do you want one sink or two? Marble or granite countertops? High or low sink faucets? The master bathroom design ideas are endless, and we’ll help you pick every feature. Customize your vanity exactly as you need it for everything from your daily routines to a regular pampering session.

A vanity counter that runs the length of one wall brings home the spa look, especially with multiple sinks so you don’t have to share your space. It also allows plenty of under-counter storage space for backup toiletries, extra towels and spare toilet paper. Keep them at hand but tucked out of sight.

A large mirror with built-in lighting ties the vanity together and gives you an easy way to get ready in the morning and for bed. A small, wall-mount mirror on a moveable arm helps you get a closer look for applying makeup, putting in contacts or shaving your face.

Unique Features for a Home Spa Bathroom

Our spa-like master bathroom ideas aren’t one-size-fits-all; make them your own with unique features! Colors, tiles and other primary bathroom design elements give your personality a way to shine through. Create a feature tile wall behind your bathtub or above your vanity for a splash of color and design without overwhelming the room. A unique lighting fixture, such as a small chandelier or similar hanging lights, brings a sense of enviable splendor to your spa bathroom.

Low on natural lighting options? Not all master bathrooms have an exterior wall to take advantage of. Get around this issue by adding a skylight above your tub. It brings in natural light and lets you watch clouds or stargaze as you soak.

Smaller comforts can’t be left behind either. A heated towel rack is a touch of luxury you don’t normally get at home. Large bathrooms may feature an electric fireplace to bring warmth to chilly tile. Convenient hooks give you a place to store your bathrobe while you bathe, so you can instantly step into fluffy comfort when you’re finished.

Hand-picked Spa-style Bathroom Details

The perfect materials tie your luxury master bathroom ideas together and create a sense of luxe cohesion throughout the room. You can choose any sort of look you want, and we’ll find the high-end components that will build your dream bathroom. From the minimalist concrete-and-marble look to the warmer tones of wooden details and brass-washed fixtures, we can help you find it all.

We’ll Help You Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

Have we inspired you? Let’s bring your spa master bathroom ideas to life. To plan your luxury home spa experience, schedule a conversation with one of our designers. We’ll help you pick the perfect features to bring relaxing comfort into your home.