Ted Daniels and his team are talented, professional, creative, and above all, determined not to leave a job until it is completed to their and their clients’ satisfaction. The whole team is hands-on and willing to walk you through every step of a design/remodel project. They did a beautiful job on our kitchen remodel. It was completed on time and on budget, and every phase was extremely well thought out. We enjoyed having them in our home and recommend them without hesitation. They will be the first people we call for our next project.” – Reid R., Five Stars, Facebook

If you are looking for a home remodeling firm in Northern Virginia that consistently offers experiences like the one Reid describes above, Daniels Design & Remodeling should be high on your shortlist of remodeling contractors. Whether you are interested in redesigning your living space, kitchen, bathroom, or have an outdoor remodel in mind, we offer superior remodeling services in terms of both process and results

To learn more about our process in particular, be sure to check out our dedicated resource when you get the time. We offer a simple, three-step process:

  • Feasibility Study – Let us show you what is possible
  • Choose Your Design – Choose from up to three concepts
  • Build Your Project – Let us create a space that you will love

Naturally, there is plenty more that goes into a Daniels Design & Remodeling home renovation project than three bullet points. Nevertheless, you can rest assured knowing exactly where you stand at all stages of the remodeling project when you choose our remodeling firm.

Increase Your Home’s Value Through Home Renovation

If you have been considering a home renovation project, it’s probably crossed your mind that the outcome will increase your home’s value to some extent. While pretty much any home improvement will “move the dial” in a profitable direction, the return-on-investment the project yields depends greatly on the quality of the remodel itself. 

While the materials used, functionality, and aesthetic quality of a remodel will obviously influence a project’s ROI, the type of renovation plays a significant role as well. For the remainder of today’s blog, we’ll investigate which project type yields superior ROI on average. Let’s dive in!

Remodeling Projects With The Highest ROI

Whether you plan on moving out of your home in the future or not, it’s always worth investing in projects that will ultimately yield positive ROI. You never know what the future might hold, good or bad, so as any wise and mature homeowner would do, it’s best to leave no stone unturned when determining the right course of action for the home remodeling project you have in mind. 

That said, let’s talk details and how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. 

#1 Minor Kitchen Remodel – ROI: 82%

A “minor” kitchen remodel is typically characterized by giving your kitchen a facelift of sorts. That is, you enhance its aesthetic appeal and functionality without essentially starting from scratch. Here are a few examples of common minor kitchen remodel features:

  • Replace outdated wood panels and drawer fronts with new hardware while leaving existing cabinet boxes.
  • Replace laminate countertops.
  • Replace the faucet and sink.
  • Replace the range/cooktop and refrigerator with more attractive, efficient models.
  • Replace the floor with more resilient flooring.

#2 Universal Design Bathroom – ROI: 74%

Perhaps you’ve researched universal design to some extent. Regardless of if you know what it is or you are practically an expert on the matter, we’d encourage you to listen to our podcast about aging in place and how universal design can supplement such efforts. 

For the purposes of today’s blog, however, updating a space with universal design means creating a room that is intentionally accessible for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or size. Oftentimes, this means designing a space that is tangibly more functional for people with disabilities. Below are a few examples of updating an existing bathroom that’s been remodeled with a universal design:

  • Widen your doorway
  • Replace the overhead lighting with LED lights equivalent to roughly 100 watts.
  • Replace the sinks with lever handles.
  • Replace the toilet with a taller one while installing a grab bar on the wall for safety.
  • Reinforce the bathroom walls so towel hooks, grab bars, and seats are safely installed.
  • Reconfigure the storage units so they are accessible at sitting level.
  • Replace the bathroom vanity with a sink that you can roll a wheelchair under.
  • Replace the tub with a walk-in shower with grab bars and have a fold-down seat.

Of course, universal design is not for everyone. There are a variety of ways to enhance your bathroom, and here are a few more ways a bathroom remodeling project can improve ROI:

  • Replace the bathroom floors with ceramic tile flooring.
  • Replace the bathtub with a porcelain-on-steel tub.
  • Replace the shower tiles with ceramic tile for an enhanced aesthetic.
  • Replace all fixtures with energy-efficient fixtures (including the sink, toilet, and shower).
  • Install a recessed medicine cabinet with improved lighting

#3 Major Kitchen Remodel – ROI: 61%

Performing a major renovation on your kitchen provides a wealth of benefits. From improved functional to aid in foot-traffic flow to enhanced natural light, the world is your oyster when you choose Daniels Design & Remodeling.

  • Add additional storage space.
  • Replace the countertops
  • Install an island in the center of your kitchen as a social “hub.” 
  • Replace the standard sink with a single-lever faucet to a double-tub, stainless steel sink for improved function and aesthetic appeal.
  • Replace the flooring with more resilient, attractive flooring.
  • Install custom lighting.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, ceilings, and trim.
  • Install a built-in microwave.
  • Install new fixtures and appliances with more energy-efficient, modern models.
  • Install new windows for dramatically improved natural lighting and energy-efficiency.

#4 Master Suite Addition – ROI: 57%

Did you know that the average size of a master suite addition is 24 feet by 16 feet? Such a project entails enhancing a master bedroom with a master bathroom directly attached to it. While project specifics vary from home to home, here are common options:

  • New carpet in the bedroom
  • Ceramic tile in the bathroom
  • A walk-in closet
  • A double-bowl vanity
  • A free-standing luxury tub
  • A separate shower with ceramic tile
  • A solid surface countertop
  • Painted walls, ceiling, and trim
  • A solid-surface countertop
  • Spot-lighting and natural lighting enhancements

Choose Daniels Design & Remodeling

We sincerely hope that you’ve found today’s blog to be enlightening in a practical way. While there’s more to a remodel than improving your home’s value, it remains a factor worth any homeowner’s consideration. Reach out to us at Daniels Design & Remodeling if you are ready to schedule your conversation with us! We’d love to hear from you. 

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