Formal dining rooms are going out of fashion, with many people opting to eat more casually in the kitchen or even the living room. If your formal eating space is gathering dust, consider repurposing a dining room into something you’ll use more than once or twice a year. Get started with these ideas.

How to Repurpose a Dining Room

Making your dining room work as a new space can mean anything from redecorating to renovating. Choose what to do with the room based on what you need and how big you want to go with your project.

Convert a Dining Room to an Office to Work from Home

If you work from home, consider turning your dining room into an office. This change is often as simple as removing the dinner table and adding a desk and some bookshelves, but you can take it to the next level. Add built-in shelves for more storage space or extra windows for more natural light. If the room has archway entrances, add doors to bring privacy to work hours. You may want to swap out a decorative light fixture for something more functional for a formal dining room turned into an office.

A bump-out home addition gives you enough space for a dining room/office combo. For extra flexibility, opt for a folding desk that can retract gracefully into the wall when you eat. This dual-purpose dining room and office means you don’t have to give up your entertaining space if you want to host fancy dinners every so often.

Turning a Dining Room into a Bedroom for Guests or a Growing Family

While there are certain restrictions as to what can legally be called a bedroom, you can still convert an unused dining room into a sleeping space. Reconfigure an open or semi-open room to have closeable doors, to ensure privacy. Your dining room may have more than one entrance, so make sure you plan where you want the door. You or your guests may be more comfortable exiting to the living room than the kitchen, for example.

If you have a particularly large dining room, we can convert part of it into a closet space, or you can choose a dresser and/or wardrobe for clothes storage. You could also make part of a large guest room a relaxed reading space, especially if you don’t plan to have guests over often.

Turn Your Dining Room into a Playroom for the Kids

Dining rooms make great play areas for children. They’re often open to the kitchen – and sometimes the living room as well – making it easy to keep an eye on the kids. Hang barn or pocket doors as an easy way to create separation when you need it.

Built-in wall shelving provides an easy toy storage solution that can be repurposed as the kids grow older. Choose colors and décor that your kids will like, but that won’t seem childish as they grow up. For example, paint with pretty neutrals and soft colors rather than bright primaries.

If you’ve got teens or tweens, you can still turn your dining room into a space for fun. Reconfigure the room for an entertainment center and make the dining room a mini home theater for older kids (or yourself). Keeping the dining room table or a smaller table in the room even makes a perfect space for family board game night.

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Turning Your Dining Room into a Lounge

A dining room turned into a sitting room provides an informal option for entertaining guests or relaxing as a family. If your dining room borders your den, combine it with your existing living space to enjoy one extra-large lounge area. A bar at one end of the room instantly elevates your entertaining space, offering an easy, relaxed atmosphere for guests.

Transform a more closed-off dining room with equal ease. You can make it into a reading room with bookcases, comfortable seating, and lots of natural light. A fireplace makes this an even cozier spot to curl up with a good book and relax. You can also choose to make your dining room into a relaxed den, perfect for the kids to host their friends. Or keep your TV in the main living room and reserve your converted space for a quieter relaxation space. A fold-out couch or daybed gives you a lounge space you can easily switch to overnight accommodations.

Professional Designs for Your Dining Room Remodel

Get professional help for a truly transformative dining room remodel. At Daniels Design and Remodeling, we can help you build a space you’ll actually use from one that’s going to waste. You don’t need to settle for just redecorating. We can design you a space that truly suits your needs and wishes. Get started today when you schedule a conversation with our expert remodelers.