When your home isn’t working for you any longer, it’s tempting to start over with something completely custom. After all, building a new home lets you customize every detail. But it’s also a huge project. So, which is the right call for making your home exactly what you need? Here’s everything you need to know about remodeling compared to starting from scratch.

When Is a Remodel Considered New Construction?

First, what is considered new construction vs. remodeling? Often, the term “new construction” refers to building a new home from the ground up. If you choose to go with new construction, your new home will start as an empty lot and end as a brand-new house.

However, the difference between construction and renovation becomes a little unclear in large renovation projects. If your new design includes large-scale structural changes to your home (such as tearing down walls and changing the layout or building an addition), a renovation can be considered new construction. Changing any load-bearing structures in your home also falls under the umbrella of construction, meaning you need a professional contractor like the ones at Daniels Design and Remodeling to do the work.

Though large renovations may be classified as “new construction,” we’ll use “renovation” to mean modifying an existing home and “new construction” to refer to building a new home.

Is It Cheaper to Remodel or Build New?

Nearly every remodeling project will have a smaller price tag than building a new home from scratch. Many remodels enhance or add to your existing space, rather than creating new space from nothing. That makes everything but the most comprehensive remodels less expensive than a whole new house. If you need to heavily modify your home, however, things can get very pricey. This includes things like multiple or large additions or extreme changes to your home’s layout.

New builds don’t just mean framing the house and adding some drywall. You’ll also be responsible for the costs of running utilities, like plumbing and electricity, to the site. A team will have to dig a basement, if you plan one, and pour a new foundation. Everything from roofing materials to insulation drives the costs up.

The Pros and Cons of Renovation vs. New Construction

Besides the effect on your wallet, other factors will impact your decision to renovate your home or build a new custom home from scratch.

Here are the benefits, besides cost, of choosing a renovation over new construction:

  • You’ll see results on a shorter timeline. Even complex renovations will take less time to complete than building a new home. Renovations (even large ones) tend to take weeks or a few months. New homes take a lot longer.
  • Often, you can continue to live at home during a renovation. While this may not sound like a benefit at first, you can live at home while most renovations are being completed. This can mean dealing with some noise and other inconveniences during construction, but it also means that you don’t have to rent a second home or hotel room while waiting for your home to be completed.
  • Often avoids the hassle of moving. Any renovation small enough for you to remain at home means not needing to move. Larger renovations that require you to live elsewhere temporarily might involve packing some bags and even moving items into a temporary storage unit (that can be in your driveway), but that’s more convenient than having to move entirely into a new house.
  • You can stay in your neighborhood. As you’ve probably heard, location is everything in real estate. If you already love your neighborhood, renovations mean you get to stay.
  • You can keep your home’s unique charms. There are always things you love about your house no matter how outdated it is. With a renovation, you can continue to enjoy those things.
  • You can avoid the need to make a million decisions. With a renovation, you only need to target the parts of your home that aren’t working, rather than making decisions about every aspect of a new custom home.

Here are the drawbacks of choosing a renovation over new construction:

  • You have to work within your existing space. Home renovations that include additions are somewhat limited by the existing footprint and/or layout of your home. New construction offers a chance to plot things the way you like from the beginning.
  • There might be unexpected costs. While a remodel and a new custom home project can both run into cost overruns, older existing homes are more likely to have problems due to age or lack of maintenance from past owners that can make projects more expensive than expected.

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Is New Construction Worth It? When to Stick to a Remodel

If you dislike absolutely everything about your home, it’s time for a switch. But if your biggest issues are outdated bathrooms or a kitchen that needs to expand into the unused dining room, a renovation is the best choice. Renovations can be transformative and tailored to your budget and needs.

Keep your home (and all the memories it holds) while tweaking it to fit your current tastes and needs.

We’re Ready to Partner with You for Your Renovation

So, you’ve decided to go with a renovation over new construction? Great! The professionals at Daniels Design & Remodeling are here to help. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, helping you make your Northern Virginia dream home come to life right where you are.

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