Outdoor Enthusiasts Need Space to Store their Gear

Oakton, VA is an affluent suburb of Washington DC that is a great place to live and call home. Families are attracted to Oakton for its fantastic school system and for the job opportunities that come from being a part of the Washington DC metropolitan area. Oakton is an active town whose leisure time centers around the nearby Shenandoah River. Rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and canoeing are all common activities. Whether you live in a sprawling contemporary home or a beautiful brick townhouse in Oakton, Virginia, the addition of more storage space for your outdoor gear is always a good idea.

Creative storage solutions

Many homes in Oakton, VA have garages, but they aren’t always being used to their full potential. Your contractor can install a handy loft in your garage to help manage your stuff. Garage lofts are equipped with a pull down ladder for easy access, and they are perfect for seasonal items and accessories. Under the loft a new ceiling space is created where you can hang kayaks or canoes. A pulley system will allow you to lower your boat directly onto the roof of your vehicle, and you are quickly off to enjoy more outdoor fun.

Using overlooked space

Another idea for storage that will also increase your home’s value is adding a porch. The often overlooked space underneath a front porch, back porch or side porch can be customized to hold your sporting gear. Talk to your contractor about what kind of porch addition would be appropriate for your lot and neighborhood. You can incorporate a handy storage area underneath, with wide opening doors. The long space is perfect for small boats, and you can customize the area for bikes, rafting, or whatever you are into. You can also enjoy the breezes and extra living space a beautiful porch addition provides.

In a city as active as Oakton, Virginia, outdoor fun is at the top of the list of things to do. A garage loft or porch addition with a storage area underneath are two great ideas you can discuss with your contractor. The result is an organized storage space that gives you more time to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities.