This year, resolve to make your kitchen a more peaceful place!

Whether you’re doing the daily crossword puzzle, having a family meeting or helping your child study for a test, chances are, you’re doing so in your kitchen. While most people think of their kitchen as the place they cook and eat in, your kitchen is so much more than that; it’s the heart of your home. So, in order to make your home a more peaceful, relaxing place, the best place to start is in the kitchen. In our last blog, the kitchen remodeling professionals at Daniels Design & Remodeling went over a few New Year’s resolutions you could make for a more peaceful kitchen. Keep reading to learn more.

#3. Create good habits when you’re in the kitchen.

Since kitchens are used so often, it’s all too easy for them to become dirty and cluttered. By creating a few good habits, you can make your kitchen — and also your home — a more peaceful place. Here are a few good kitchen habits to develop:

  • Don’t let dishes sit in the sink – Even if your kitchen isn’t really dirty, a sink full of dishes can make it look dirty and unkempt. Try to make it a point to wash dishes and put them in the dishwasher right away. Not only will this help you keep your kitchen cleaner and more peaceful, but it’ll also save you time. It’s much faster to take a second to wash a single dish now than it will be to wash a whole sink full of dishes later.
  • Keep your counters clear – Counters can easily become cluttered with mail, keys, groceries that haven’t been put away yet, homework, newspapers and more, and when your counters are crowded, it makes your whole kitchen look messier. Try to keep your countertops clear and clean.
  • Sit down and eat with your family – Life can get pretty busy, and we’ve been guilty of bolting down dinner while you’re standing over the sink before, too. But, it’s a good time to break that habit and develop a new one of sitting down and eating with your family. When you start making this a habit, your kitchen will become less of a place where you cook and clean and more of a place where you enjoy family time.

#4. Rethink your kitchen’s layout and functionality.

When you first set up your kitchen, you probably did so in the way that made the most sense at the time. And, over time, you get used to how everything is organized in your kitchen, and you don’t give it much thought. But, now that you’ve spent a lot of time in your kitchen, it might be good to rethink its layout and functionality. Does it make sense for your crockpot to be stored in the cabinet? Or does it get used so often that you need it someplace handy? Rethinking the layout and functionality of your kitchen doesn’t have to mean making big sweeping changes, but it can. In some cases, getting the functionality you want out of your kitchen might mean moving a couple of appliances around or reorganizing your pantry, but in other cases, it might mean remodeling or redesigning the entire kitchen.

A more peaceful kitchen is key to a more peaceful home, and if you need kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia to achieve the kind of kitchen that you want, contact us. We’re proud to be your go-to remodeling company, and we have what it takes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to get started.