If you’re looking to bring the feeling of the simple life home with you, a modern rustic look is the perfect option for your next renovation. You can create the feeling of a timeless getaway throughout your home adding natural elements to your renovation plans.

Start gathering rustic home remodeling ideas now to plan the perfect home update.

What Do Modern Rustic Homes Look Like?

The modern rustic look encompasses a range of design choices, but the aesthetic is characterized by a few particular elements:

  • Earth tones and neutral colors
  • Natural building materials, usually featuring wood and stone
  • Weathered looks that give a vintage feel, such as distressed leather furniture
  • Organic shapes mixed with some sharp lines and geometric shapes
  • Mid-Century furniture shapes
  • Natural or simple textures, such as wood grain, beaten metal, and woven fabric

With everything from rustic minimalist design to farmhouse style to classic cabin elements, you can mold the look to fit many style preferences. If you’re just looking to update one room, casual, rustic kitchen renovations are a popular design choice.

Add Wooden Elements Throughout

Wood is the centerpiece of a rustic look. Natural wood that’s stained rather than painted brings a warm, homey feel to a room. This can look like anything, from a modern home with wood accents to tasteful wood paneling.

Much of your look will come from interior design elements, such as wooden furniture, but you can also build a rustic aesthetic right into your design. When renovating, focus on areas that can feature wood. Wooden floors, built-in shelving, natural countertops, and exposed beams are just a few ways to incorporate wood into your home.

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Can You Mix Wood Colors in a Room?

Yes! Your wooden aesthetic isn’t limited to just one kind of wood or wood stain in a room. In fact, having just one wood tone often makes things feel flat or boring. When making your choices, you aim for two styles: contrast and complement. Plan the dominant tone for each room – light, medium, or dark – and pick your wood and stain colors from there.

Most of your choices should follow a blended, smoother style; look for wood tones that go together. Wood stains have undertones. Most are warm, though some add a cooler gray undertone and neutral woods can skew either way. Different stains can take the same wood and give it warm or cool undertones, so compare samples before committing!

Contrast is a great way to incorporate more than one wood tone into a room. Then pick wooden accents from a different family! Brighten dark walnut floors with the light tones of birch or pine. Add drama to blonde kitchen cabinets with walnut chairs for the island seating space.

Contrast is often easier to make look good. The closer your wood tones are to each other, the harder it is to match wood colors while making the difference look deliberate.

Best Colors for a Warm Modern Interior

Choose warm earth tones mixed with some neutrals for the base of your rustic look. Since wood is such a centered element, pick colors that complement the wooden elements of your room. If you feature mostly dark wood, try white, cream, or golden-brown paint to lighten the room. With very light wood, you can choose to go bright with white, soft yellow, or neutral gray. Or pick an olive green, red-brown, navy, or even black for a dramatic look. Balance the look with lighter furniture or flooring.

If you’d like the room to make a bold statement, try an accent wall! Paint most of your walls in a neutral color and the last in burnt orange, gold, red, sage green, or a bright blue.

Incorporate Natural Home Accents

Organic home design complements the rustic aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to dip into other looks for inspiration!

  • A natural-edge wooden slab kitchen island can bring the feeling of a relaxing cabin getaway to the city.
  • Go bold with a living plant wall that adds a natural touch while boosting your mood with greenery. This option requires constant maintenance but is sure to impress guests.
  • A sliding barn door is the perfect rustic touch that can easily be updated for a more modern look with a coat of paint.
  • Art, wall hangings, and tchotchkes for open shelves can all complement your rustic look. Look for vintage paintings, art of the natural world, hand-woven tapestries, potted plants, and simple geometric shapes.

We Bring Your Rustic Home Remodeling Ideas to Life

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