bathroom_remodeling_1When you walk into your bathroom, do you see a serene, updated oasis or a chaotic scene full of outdated appliances and clutter? If it’s the later, it is probably time to think about updating your bathroom. Northern Virginia bath remodeling always adds value to your home, and there are many other reasons to invest in a great bathroom. .

Design for how you live now

A full bathtub is usually taken for granted, but how often do you actually use it? If showering is your normal routine, Daniels Design and Remodeling can install a beautiful, custom shower in place of your old tub. There are amazing features in today’s stand up showers, like dual shower heads, overhead rain showers, artisian tile work and steam features. Your Northern Virginia bath remodeling project will also include vanities, flooring and storage options that suit the lifestyle you have today.

Create a more energy efficient home

Did you know the bathroom uses the most water of any room in the house? Replacing outdated toilets and shower heads with new, low flow ones can save thousands of gallons of water per year. It cuts down on your water bill and your electric bill because there is less water to have to heat. A new bathroom will also include modern lighting and fixtures which will cut down on your home’s overall energy costs.

Bring your bath into the modern age

There are an amazing amount of innovations that will make your bath your own personal oasis. Your renovation can include heated floors, heated towel bars, custom double vanities and so much more. Our local designers will be happy to go over all the amazing details you can add to your Northern Virginia bath remodeling project that will reflect the style of your home.

Updating your bathroom is one of the smartest investments you can make into your home. It is a project that increases your home’s resale value, gives you a design that suits your lifestyle, lowers your energy footprint, and allows you to take advantage of all the latest innovations in bathroom design. Give us a call to start creating the bathroom of your dreams.