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The kitchen of the future is here today. From sensor-activated lights that illuminate the kitchen only when it’s in use to meat thermometers that alert your smartphone when dinner is done, the latest kitchen technology is here to make your life easier.

Hands-Free Faucets

If you’re new to automation, a great introductory product is a Moen hands-free faucet, like the one pictured. Perfect for homes with small children who can’t yet reach the handle or any kitchen where busy cooks often have sticky hands, these faucets turn on with the wave of a hand. (Image courtesy of Moen.)

Connected Meat Thermometers

A new innovation in cooking is the smart thermometer. Your meats will come out perfect every time because the thermometer is connected to an app on your smartphone. It lets you know the instant your food reaches the correct temperature without you even having to open the oven.

Smart Appliances

Even the refrigerator is getting into the automation act. Smart refrigerators keep track of the contents inside, which allows you to know exactly what you have on hand when you are out shopping. If unexpected guests are stopping by, your fridge can tell you what you need to buy to make your meal. A smart oven will let you plan your meal on your phone, and the appliance calculates exact cook times.

Meals aren’t cooking themselves yet, but every year brings us more innovation in kitchen automation. Our kitchen remodeling experts will help you create the kitchen of your dreams during your Northern Virginia home renovation. Call us today to start the conversation!