Welcome back to the blog of Daniels Design & Remodeling, Northern Virginia’s premier “boutique” architectural home remodeling firm. Although we offer a wide range of project types for our customers to select from, today’s post concerns kitchen renovations in particular. Part one of this two-part series saw us discuss a few of the most common reasons that homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen — they are outdated and ugly or you’d like to improve the resale value of the home. These two reasons are so common because they appeal to common sense. In part two, we’ll continue with the trend of listing reasons to make a kitchen remodel your new year’s resolution — except in today’s post we’ll provide you with a few rather little-known reasons to renovate your kitchen. Let’s get going!

Save On Energy Costs And Usage

Despite the fact that “going green” or choosing “eco-friendly” options are all the rage these days, it remains the case that updating your kitchen to have energy-efficient appliances will save the environment and you money. And that’s only scratching the surface of what you can do to save energy: add solar water heaters to reduce your utility bill via a natural source of energy; consider skylights to allow sunlight it, whereby you diminish the need for using artificial light. All in all, most people don’t remodel their kitchen for the express purpose of being more energy-efficient, but it certainly is a nice perk! Ask us about the specific ways we can improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money in the process.

A Special Need

There are times when out-of-the-ordinary circumstances arise, and homeowners have the opportunity to ensure that a kitchen (or indeed, the entire home) is able to appropriately accommodate the needs of a family member with a disability. If a family member or friend is unable to access certain parts of the kitchen, whether it’s a cupboard or an entire corridor, this should be remedied if at all feasible.

Improved Convenience

Akin to the point above, you might be in need of a kitchen remodel because your kitchen is inconvenient for practically everyone who tries to use it! If your home’s kitchen is dated to a certain degree, it’s plausible that it also creates quite the headache for anyone who is trying to use it. The thing is, you don’t have to be a personal chef to justify having an ergonomically-viable kitchen. Opening the refrigerator shouldn’t block the entryway. Cabinets shouldn’t bang on the dishwasher doors when both are opened. You shouldn’t have to scavenge for counter space when cooking. If any of these annoyances interfere with your daily living, it’s time to make a change. You just might find yourself spending more time cooking in there!

Schedule Your Conversation

If we have successfully convinced you to make remodeling your kitchen your official 2019 new year’s resolution, we are quite pleased with ourselves. In all seriousness though, we want our readers to know that Daniels Design & Remodeling offers an experience unlike any other. We are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to providing a world-class experience. Learn more about our 3-step process before you do anything else — and then schedule your conversation! We’d love to hear from you.