Ideas to Revamp House Exteriors

 Home exteriors are generally ignored. When remodeling your house, you tend to think about the kitchen, bathrooms, the living areas and perhaps even the garage, but very rarely would homeowners divert their attention to the space that is responsible for making first impressions. Whether you are planning on remodeling the house before a sale or are tired of the same old look, you don’t necessarily have to go for extensive remodeling projects to make your house look upgraded.You can simply remodel the exterior for a fresher look.


Pediments can never go out of fashion, they give the space a regal look for a vintage or even a contemporary setting. You can opt for a pediment as well as some crown molding to give your home a classic and trimmed look.  You can also use whimsical trips, and intricately cut frieze boards, scrolled brackets and braced arches to create a Victorian style entrance.


Columns can add a lot of character to any house. They can be used to hang ornaments or use textured wooden or stone columns for a rusty or cottage-like feel. If you already have columns then you can remodel them using stone work or use molding to add texture.


Walkways offer a welcoming feel to the house.  The general idea is that walkways need to be very country or Colonial with stone work, but there are other options available too including wooden walkways, tiled, grass steps or even a shaded walkway with columns.

The Right Lighting Solutions

A simple repaint and new lighting installations too can go a long way to completely change the look of your home exteriors. You can add surface mounted lanterns, a vintage chandelier or lighting on the walkway to highlight the key areas of your home’s exterior. Proper lighting offers an inviting atmosphere for your guests, and if you are planning on selling the house, then it can be very in building great first impressions.

Outdoor Lighting


You don’t need a house made of bricks to enjoy the perks of stone. Stone walls have become increasingly popular to give rooms a comfortable and cozy feeling. They are not only popular for living areas, kitchens and bedrooms, but also for home exteriors. Go for a traditional stone wall exterior with wrought iron lamps, a wooden door and some plants lined around give the perfect cottage feeling.