Homes are Going Green 

Fairfax Station, Virginia is a town rich in history and the culture of Northern Virginia. The railroad station was key during the Civil War, and was a hub of community social life. Today, Fairfax Station has one of the top school systems in the country, and is also home to sections of large, green forests full of wildlife. Residents of this beautiful town care deeply about the environment. In fact, Fairfax County has adopted a green building policy for all its facilities.

Homeowners can get in on the green renovation revolution too. There are many ways you can make your next renovation an eco-friendly remodeling project. When you’re trying to make your house environmentally friendly, there are a few core principles you can talk to your contractor about. Green remodeling always involves renovating a new house instead of building a new one, using recycled materials, reducing energy usage, and using local products as much as possible.

Renovate your existing house 19499

Although it’s tempting to wipe the slate clean and start fresh by building a new house, that is not in keeping with green building principles. You want to reuse things as much as you can, and that includes your existing house. A reputable contractor will help you discover all the places in your home that could benefit from an eco-friendly remodeling.

Use recycled building materials

Eco-friendly renovation means choosing recycled materials over newly manufactured ones. This keeps materials out of landfills, and reduces the environmental impact of producing new materials. Recycled building materials are readily available, especially in a place like Fairfax Station, where green building is a priority.

Reduce energy usage

A big goal of any green renovation is to make the home use less energy. Contractors can install a new HVAC system, add additional insulation, seal spots where air is getting into your home, and upgrade your lighting. On a larger scale, homeowners can install a solar or wind system to significantly reduce their dependence on the grid.

Use local products

Building materials can be shipped to Virginia from as far away as China, but people seldom give it a thought. When you adopt green building principles, you care about where your building materials are coming from and how far they had to travel to get there. Use products made as close to home as possible to reduce your home’s environmental impact.

Fairfax Station, Virginia is a great example of what happens when a community comes together and decides to go green. The county has had a green building policy since 2008, and now homeowners are getting in on the act and adopting green building principles for their renovations. Talk to your contractor about how you can make your next remodeling project a green one.