Green Building has been a popular choice lately for people who want to stand by their principles and use only environmentally friendly materials when building their homes. This can also be the case with remodeling. Homeowners can choose Green Remodeling to seize the opportunity to have a healthier, more energy efficient home with every remodeling project. Let’s take a look at the principles of green remodeling and how Daniels Design and Remodeling can help you incorporate them into your home.

First, what exactly does “green remodeling” mean? There are several concepts that all work together, energy efficiency, healthy indoor air, resource efficiency and durability. It focuses on more comfort and efficiency for less money, and will provide these benefits for generations to come.

Energy Efficiency

Making a home more energy efficient is one of the main reasons people choose a green home remodel. Everyone wants to spend less on energy costs, and additions such as adding insulation can go a long way. Homeowners may also choose to add solar electric panels, a solar water heater, or design the home to add passive solar features.

Healthy Indoor Air

The average American spends 90% of their day inside, so off gassing from carpets, insulation, adhesives, paint, particleboard and plywood are real dangers, especially for those with allergies and asthma. When you choose to go green, you choose products that don’t release these harmful chemicals into the air. It is also important to make sure the home is properly ventilated. Green remodeling improves air quality and helps prevent serious health issues.

Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency is embraces the “buy local” concept. When you get your materials from local sources, there is much less environmental impact from transporting items long distances. You should also use wood products that don’t come from old growth forests. There are a huge number of products that use fast growing tree farms as an alternative. Resource efficiency also means eliminating excess waste as much as possible, so fewer materials go into our landfills.

Green Remodeling is a great idea, not only to incorporate your environmental principles in every aspect of your life, but to increase the health and efficiency of your home. Talk to Daniels Design and Remodeling today to get started planning your next green building project.