A rake leans up against the wall of a white-paneled house with blue trim. Image by Marina Khrapova.

There’s no beating around the bush: the Earth is in a precarious state of health, and if we don’t make changes to our daily habits, we may not be able to ensure this planet’s longevity and prosperity for future generations. From fashion to interior design, there has been a near-universal push across countless industries to strive toward more sustainable production and construction of the things we use every day. 

Home remodeling is no different, and this can be clearly seen in the rising popularity of a construction concept referred to as “green remodeling.” In this article, we’ll discuss what green remodeling is, how it helps the planet, and why you may want to incorporate it into your next home improvement project.

What is green remodeling?

Green remodeling has the same objectives as any eco-friendly endeavor: to reduce pollution and increase efficiency; to eliminate unnecessary waste and preserve resources; and to improve the health of the environment we share with one another. Just like sustainable construction projects, a green remodel requires everyone involved in the build project to adhere to these tenets.

A traditional home remodel can be extremely wasteful. It begins with a demolition of the existing structures whose parts are very often disposed of in a landfill and never repurposed, despite probably being in reusable condition. After that, the process of construction and rebuilding begins. Most individuals completing a home remodel will opt automatically for brand-new materials, which contribute to greenhouse gas production not only through the manufacturing process, but during their transportation via trucks to the build site as well. 

Green remodeling differs from this approach in that it aims to be as efficient, healthy (for people and planet), and resourceful as possible. We’ll discuss what that looks like in the next section.

How is green remodeling more sustainable?

Green remodeling is inherently more sustainable — better for the Earth and all who call it home — because its practices and procedures have grown out of the seeds of eco-consciousness. Poetic prose aside, green remodels are truly great.

Rather than relying on newly manufactured (read: produced with lots of pollution) materials, eco-conscious construction incorporates reused or recycled goods into the building process. Not only does this prevent old construction materials from ending up in a landfill, but it reduces the carbon footprint of your home’s remodel by eliminating the need for companies to produce new materials with high energy-consuming processes. 

Green remodeling also tends to favor partial demolition over total destruction. Rather than wiping a property clean and starting completely from scratch, someone following a green remodel plan would consider which areas of the home can be left standing and only demolish those that truly need to be taken down. Viable reasons to do this might include a termite infestation, toxic original building materials, or natural decay of the home’s foundation over time.

Sustainable resourcing and material conservation aren’t the only advantages to green remodeling — the method also incorporates more energy-efficient electrical and heating systems. From LED bulbs to solar panels to “smart” thermostats, there are an increasing number of easy ways to make one’s remodeled home into a hub of both enviable comfort and environmental compassion.

Why should I consider a green remodel?

With a green remodel, you’ll save green in more ways than one. This remodel method tends to be less expensive than traditional remodels because, as discussed, it uses recycled materials lower in cost and can also reduce your energy bills dramatically. 

In addition to saving money, you’ll be acquiring something much more valuable: a sense that you’re making the right choice for the good of the planet and for future generations. By making decisions with sustainability in mind, from the food we eat to the way we build our homes, our chances increase exponentially of protecting the Earth from further damage — and maintaining the fertile soil we need to build homes upon in the first place.

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