Families Need More Space

Reston, Virginia is a bustling city-suburb of Washington D.C. that was founded in 1964. Reston is a planned community that is known internationally for combining residential and corporate development. This Fairfax County city is famous for being the very first post war, modern planned community. The Reston Town Center is an eating and entertainment mecca that even has an ice skating rink and pavilion. Reston, VA is a very family friendly community with over 20 public pools, museums, theaters, and several parks and wooded areas. Many families who have made their homes here are looking to upgrade and expand some of these original 1964 homes.

Adding a family room

When the majority of the homes in Reston, VA were built in the 1960s, they didn’t have the square footage of today’s average house. A family room addition in Reston will transform your home, making it more spacious, comfortable and livable. You can put a new family room almost anywhere, but the most popular spot is off the kitchen. This gives families a chance to be together while meals are being prepared, and gives everyone a central spot to hang out.

Key family room features

The main focus of the family room is usually entertainment. Your contractor will show you all the various options for installing a complete family entertainment system. These could include a full wall of shelving with space for a flat screen TV, or a fireplace with a built in rear area for components and cords. When possible, a cathedral ceiling with skylights will give a wonderful feeling of space. The addition of a wood burning stove will save on energy costs and add coziness to cool winter nights. You might also consider adding a wet bar, which can be custom built to your specifications. Your contractor will help you incorporate all the features that will make it a room your family will enjoy for years to come.

As families grow in Reston, VA and space becomes an issue, adding a family room is a perfect solution. Family rooms add valuable square footage to your home, and also increase the resale value. It’s a space where families come together, and it can be completely customized to meet your needs. Talk to your trusted contractor to find out how a family room addition can improve your quality of life.