Are you thinking about refreshing the decor of your bathroom? In this article, you will find the top trends and ideas worth exploring. 

If you’re thinking about upgrading and renovating your bathroom this year, there are a lot of fantastic choices that you should consider. From going green to fluted design options, these trending ideas will help ensure that your bathroom decor is styled to stun. 

Use Natural Materials

It’s time to embrace a biophilic design with your bathroom choices. This is all about bringing the outside in and it’s easy to do this with the addition of natural materials. Textured rattan, terracotta accessories, and wood products are just some of the ways you can do this, bringing comfort and life to your bathroom space. 

Consider creating a key focal point in the room with wood paneling on one of the walls. Alternatively, you may want to add indoor plants to the space to bring this area of your home to life. Do this and it will immediately feel more relaxing. 

Fluted Designs 

This design choice became popular with interior designers in 2021 and you can still see its presence in show homes. A fluted design or a ribbed pattern feels contemporary and provides a unique aesthetic. You can create this look in your bathroom with ribbed tiles or wood paneling. 

If you want to ensure that your bathroom has an art deco vibe, glass ribbed designs are worth considering. 

A Seamless Experience

You can also think about creating a bathroom space with different features that connect perfectly, encapsulating the feelings of a spa. Add little nooks for storage and use nature as your main focal point. You can also think about exploring luxurious shower heads for a lavish shower in the comfort of your own home. A popular choice is a waterfall shower head. This will make you feel as though you are bathing outside, surrounded by nature. 

Going Minimal 

In the past, bathrooms were filled to the brim with different pieces of furniture and accessories. These days, it’s more on-trend to have a bathroom that feels minimal. Rather than providing a sterile space, this helps create a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of room to breathe. You need to ensure that your bathroom feels open, keeping patterns out of your design choices. Instead, keep things simple and use reflective surfaces to ensure that the bathroom feels larger. 

Automated Tech

Finally, you can think about introducing new smart tech into your bathroom. There are countless choices that will give you more control over this space. Demisting mirrors are impressive while LED temperature displays will ensure that you can get the room feeling just how you like it. You could even consider adding automatic hand-wipe sensors and ensure that your space feels less like a room in your home and more like a deluxe hotel feature. 

We hope you love these ideas and look forward to implementing them as part of your new bathroom design. A space that can be perfect for tranquility and relaxation while remaining style-focused.