Finding the storage you need in a small kitchen isn’t always easy.

From the challenges of maneuvering around while cooking to minimal counter space for rolling out dough for pizza, cookies and more, people who have small kitchens face many difficulties. However, the biggest difficulty is often where to store everything. Having a lot of stuff in a small space makes it incredibly hard to stay organized. It also makes it tough to actually access the things you need when you need them. But, there’s good news. With a little creativity, there are plenty of things you can do to store what you need in an organized, accessible way, no matter how small your kitchen may be. Check out our last blog to learn about a few of those ways, and keep reading to learn a few more:

#4. Open Shelves

When all of your belongings are hidden behind cabinets, it makes it all too easy to let things get unorganized. Open shelves — or floating shelves — are a beautiful alternative for a small kitchen. Because these shelves are completely open, there’s a lot more space to store everything you need. You’ll also have a lot more incentive to keep everything organized and clean, which will actually help you to maximize your space more effectively. The best part about open shelves is that they make a small kitchen look bigger and more open. As a bonus, open shelving is one of the hottest kitchen remodeling trends to date, and it adds a stunning touch that’s both modern and simple.

#5. Keep Only the Groceries You Need

Sometimes, when you have a small kitchen — or any size of kitchen, really — it’s better to keep only what you really need. This is especially true of groceries. Not only is it difficult to store excess groceries if you’re already lacking space, but you’re also more likely to end up with food you can’t finish and that will end up going bad. Instead of guessing at what’s in your pantry, keep track of it. One great way to do this is by hanging a chalkboard or a dry erase board on the inside of your pantry door. You can write down everything that you have in your pantry so you’ll know exactly what you need when the time comes to go to the grocery store.

#6. Utilize Pull-Out Shelves

Do you have several inches of extra space between one side of your refrigerator and the wall? This is one example of the perfect place to add in a pull-out shelf. Installing pull-out shelves in this and other areas of your kitchen will give you the extra space you need without the need for crowding the spaces you already use the most.

If you have a small kitchen at home, finding the space you need isn’t always easy, but we hope that this blog has given you some ideas that will help.

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