Do you have a small kitchen?

Small kitchens can be wonderful for many reasons. For one, small kitchens are extremely cozy. They’re also much easier to keep clean than big, sprawling kitchens. However, small kitchens aren’t without their challenges, and one of the biggest challenges in any miniature kitchen is the storage — or lack thereof. From cutlery and dishes to pots, pans and groceries, there’s a lot to store in your kitchen, and if you’re already short on space, figuring out where to put everything can be tough. However, there are many creative ways that you can maximize your space. Here are a few of them:

#1. Retractable Shelves

When you have a lot of stuff to store in one cabinet, not only can it be difficult to find enough space to put everything, but it will also be difficult to keep it all organized. One great way to gain a little more space — and a lot more organization — is to install retractable shelves in your cabinets. These types of shelves can be used for pots and pans, the cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink, cooking spices and virtually anything else.

#2. Utilize Every Possible Space

In a small kitchen, you often can’t afford to stick with just the built-in storage, like the cabinets, drawers, pantry, etc. In order to store everything you need to in an organized, accessible way, you should use every possible space. One creative place to store things that you may not already be using is above the windows and/or cabinets. Installing shelves above the windows or utilizing the space above the cabinets gives you the perfect place to store things you don’t necessarily use every day.

#3. Vertical Storage

Stacking pans, plates, bowls and cups isn’t always the best option when you have a lot to store in a small space. In cases like these, vertical storage can really come in handy. If you have room on your wall, install a peg board to hang pots, colanders and cooking utensils from it. You’ll save space in your cupboards and drawers, and you’ll have easy access to everything you need. Do you have a collection of mugs with no place to put them all? Install a rail and hook against your backsplash and hang your mugs off of them. Vertical storage is also great for pots and pans, measuring cups, spatulas and spoons, pot lids, spices and anything else you can hang.
These are so many creative ways to store more in even the smallest kitchen, and in our next blog, we’ll be going over a few more. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more storage tips for small kitchens.

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