Ted Daniels and his team delivered a superior remodeling experience in every aspect of our project. We knew remodeling the kitchen, master bathroom, laundry room, and refinishing the other three bathrooms all at the same time would be complicated. The DD&R folks developed a great design, worked with us to incorporate our ideas, produced a schedule that was reasonable, and then stuck to it.  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and recommend DDR without hesitation.” – Fairfax, VA

Here at Daniels Design & Remodeling, we are a Northern Virginia home remodeling firm filled with people who are passionate about making creative designs that improve both the beauty and function of living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior environments. Ultimately, our goal is for everyone to have an experience like the one this Fairfax client was kind enough to share with us. But world-class experiences like these don’t happen by chance. 

Indeed, it takes a coordinated effort for everything to flow smoothly during the process and turn out amazing in terms of results. Northern Virginia homeowners come to us because of our reputation for delivering quality in terms of both experience and outcome. The peace of mind that comes from knowing we are all pulling in the same direction to ensure you are well-taken care of throughout the remodeling process is worth its weight in gold. That’s why we offer unique elements you aren’t likely to find at another home remodeling company. Among these are the following:

  • Weekly meetings to track the progress of your project
  • One month design to construction contract
  • Three design concepts included, tailored to your budget
  • Firm, fixed price
  • Just a 7% construction deposit
  • Design fee ($3400) applied to construction price
  • Certified NARI remodeler
  • Award-winning Guild Quality Craftsmanship

While we could take an entire blog to address each of these elements in their own right, the long and the short of it is that Daniels Design & Remodeling leaves no stone unturned in terms of process and results. This is why we have client service specialists, architects, carpenters, production managers, and a host of other field team members who are attentive to detail and passionate about what they do. At the end of the day, choosing a home redesign firm filled with people who love what they do is a great place to land!

Remodeling For Curb Appeal – A Few Ideas

Now that we’ve described a few of our merits here at Daniels Design & Remodeling, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight a few of the best ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal. We mentioned improving functionality and beauty earlier, and both are certainly elements of curb appeal. Ideally, these aesthetic and functional improvements naturally improve the value of the home on which they are performed, but not all remodeling approaches are created equally. 

In other words, there are certain things you can do to make sure the redesign you have in mind yields ROI, if and when you decide to move. Now, that day might never come, especially if you fall in love with your new home interior, but no one knows what the future holds. Why not cover your bases and make sure your home remodeling ideas align with industry standards for increasing your house’s value? 

Now, let’s dive into the specifics. Some of these ideas might be subtle and inexpensive, while others might be more of a time (and financial) investment. 

Repaint The Exterior

Surprisingly enough, repainting your home is a reasonably-priced renovation that often goes overlooked. While it remains one of the most popular renovation projects around, what many homeowners don’t realize is that subtle, affordable alterations can make a big difference when taking in the bigger picture of the home. For instance, simply changing accent pieces like the house’s trim is all that is required on some homes. On the other hand, other homes might need a full-on repainting, remembering that a good percentage of houses don’t need to be painted a new color; sometimes a repaint using the same color is all it takes!

Update Your Front Door

Front doors speak volumes about the class and quality of a home — but what’s funny is that very few of us ever notice it in particular. For this reason, investing in a new front door serves as as a prudent investment. 

But let’s take a look at why updating your home’s front door might make a good deal of sense. For one, the front door is the gateway to your home, as it sets the tone for everything else a visitor will see after setting foot. A bold, extravagant front door gives cues and clues about what is inside, as does an understated, subtle front door. What do you want your home to convey? 

Natural Lighting Is Key

If you are planning on enlisting a home remodeler to revamp your home in a significant way (kitchen or living space redesign), we can’t stress this point enough — natural lighting is the key to a warm, fresh, happy home. For guests and inhabitants alike, you want the place you live in to be inviting, so taking advantage of the remodel to ensure its both bright and clean will put you in a position of strength if and when you end up selling the house. 

In the meantime, however, you get to reap the benefit of your investment! That’s called a win-win in our book!

Consider Symmetry

Let’s suppose you are still in the planning stage of your home remodel. One principle to keep in mind is that of symmetry. If you are familiar with design to some extent, you might already be aware that symmetrical patterns are naturally pleasing to the eye because the create focal points which our gaze gravitates to. This helps your home look more ordered and planned, which is always a good thing. 

We’d recommend starting small and subtle before expanding from there. For instance, experiment with matching wall lanterns, plants, or other ornaments on either side of your front door. If you need inspiration, just look online! It won’t take long to find some great ideas that are perfect for your home’s aesthetic. 

Stay Tuned For Part Two

As we are wont to do, we’ve decided we have so much to say on this topic that it merits being a two-part miniseries! So make sure you keep an eye open for part two in the near future. 

That said, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Daniels Design & Remodeling if you are ready to have a conversation about remodeling your home. We’d love to hear from you!