Clifton, Virginia’s history goes back to colonial times and the Civil War. It’s a charming small town, and homes range from huge historic mansions to new constructions. No matter what style of home you own in Clifton you can give it plenty of authentic Southern charm by adding a classic outdoor porch. Porches, balconies, patios and outdoor spaces have always been an important part of Southern living, and adding one to your home will bring you many years of enjoyment.


Southern front porches

Everyone can picture that classic Southern front porch in their minds. It’s a wide, welcoming space with plenty of shade for the heat of Clifton, where you can enjoy a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. A true Southern front porch is at least 10 feet wide and runs the length of the front of the house. Antebellum Southern architecture is expressed in porches with high ceilings, white columns and wide shutters. It is a perfect addition to your home for spending time with family and neighbors.




Side kitchen porch

The typical Southern kitchen side porch included what was known as a hospitality door, which is a normal front door that is at the foot of the side porch stairs. Leaving it open meant the homeowner was ready to receive visitors. Today, a side kitchen porch can act as an extra dining area or a sitting area where you can catch the cool breezes. They can be one or two stories tall, and you can even choose to glass them in.



Classic back porch

An extra-deep back porch is a place where the family can truly relax and escape the Southern heat. A back porch is often lower than a front or side porch, for easier access to the yard. It can also include features like ceiling fans and large shutters or drapes. Your contractor will help you integrate all the elements that will make your Southern back porch uniquely your own.

Adding a Southern porch to your Clifton, VA home will give you additional living space and charm. When it is carefully created by veteran designers and builders, you can be sure a porch will add wonderful value to your home, and be a place where you can spend quality time in a peaceful atmosphere.