How Your Kitchen Can Make You Healthier

When it comes to eating right and having healthy eating habits, a great place to start is right in your own kitchen. Did you know that the design of your kitchen, and the way in which you arrange the components of the space, can greatly affect your eating habits, both positively and negatively? Here are five simple ways that you can make your kitchen design work for you and not against you, and no, we didn’t include putting a padlock on the fridge in this list.

1. Place Healthy Food In View

Consider how food is displayed in your kitchen. Are healthy alternatives to snack-type foods visible and available? There are great design opportunities for displaying healthy food choices, from hanging baskets full of beautiful apples, to simple hooks that can hang bananas. When you have a healthy option readily available and visible, you’re that much less likely to go out of your way for an unhealthy snack.

2. Declutter

Design your kitchen in such a way that it is easy to organize and declutter. When your kitchen space is sleek and clean, you’re inviting that image and feeling onto yourself. If you find yourself frequently lost in a cluttered, messy kitchen space, it’s that much easier to indulge in something unhealthy because you are unconcerned with appearance. Taking charge of a space like your kitchen can be a stepping stone to taking charge of your own health and appearance.

3. Color Choice Affects Eating Habits 

This is something that may not seem immediately apparent, but the color choice that you make in your kitchen design can actually affect the way that you eat. A bright white kitchen may impart feelings of modernity and purity, but bright white has also been linked to stimulating the urge to eat! When you are designing (or redesigning) your kitchen, consider the use of softer, neutral tones. These tend to convey a more relaxed environment that is less likely to imbue you with a sudden talent for overeating. 

4. Enable Ease of Cooking

Let’s face it, a big part of the reason that many people struggle with unhealthy eating choices is because eating out is so much easier! For this reason, it is important that you provide yourself with the means to make cooking for yourself a much more accessible, enjoyable task. Design elements in your kitchen can make cooking something you look forward to! Consider prep spaces like islands, additional water sources like pot-fillers, and accessible storage space for fresh foods! Being able to enjoy your kitchen and use it in a healthy way will deter you from making unhealthy eating choices.

5. Rearrange Your Food Stores

The way that you store your food in the kitchen can also have a positive or negative impact on the healthy decisions you make. We’re not recommending that you make your kitchen intentionally difficult to navigate, but there are simple, common-sense solutions that will help you make better choices. Think of the places in your kitchen that you access regularly — if it is possible, put your healthier food options in close proximity to these locations, and unhealthy food options in places that you normally wouldn’t venture towards as frequently. 

Daniels Design Is Here To Help

If you’ve decided that it is time to make a healthy change and you want help designing or redesigning your kitchen to help you in that effort, then contact Daniels Design today. We can walk with you through every step of the process of designing and building a kitchen that is perfect for your lifestyle. We can answer any questions you may have, and our experts are available to offer recommendations that we’ve seen garner success with other customers. We can’t wait to get to work for you!