The ceiling of a basement is not usually its focal point. However, it still would look beautiful when remodeled with some sense of style. Implementing a couple of ideas for the basement can introduce hints of style while complementing how the entire room looks. Regardless of whether your located in Santa Monica, CA or in Fairfax, VA, different style ceiling designs can apply the following creative refurbishing ideas to help you attain this goal.

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  • The hanging drywall is a basic concept whose installation provides great outlook for any basement

This material is priced within an affordable range and generally requires involving a seasoned professional to achieve proper installation. Many homes utilize this remodeling idea to achieve eye-catching expression.

  • A suspended ceiling is cost-efficient and well-known concept for remodeling the basement ceiling

The suspended ceiling is utilized frequently and has an easy process of installation. It may be used for covering up unattractive piping and previous issues with the ceiling. Although this option may appear uneventful, it affords you a choice of different styles, patterns and colors to provide the desired kind of feel and look.

Lighting is either minimal or poor in a majority of basements. Adding several mirrors to these




important domestic areas however helps in reflecting some light while creating an illusion of extra space too.


Diverse kinds of media can be applied to produce appealing artwork through either hanging ready-made pieces or direct painting of ceiling. A lot of home improvement stores also offer cling-on devices that adhere onto surfaces. There are various designs and sizes which are easy to place on the ceiling. A professional can remove and apply them to other sections if they are not satisfying.



Paint is availed in nearly any color imaginable and is moderately inexpensive. It is a solution that requires low skill levels to conduct. However, it is best to employ a professional remodeling contractor capable of painting different patterns using multiple colors.

Remodeling the basement ceiling while paying attention to the creative refurbishing ideas pointed out above adds a special twist into the room.