Bathroom Remodeling Services

From designing a bathroom remodel to putting the finishing touches on your reimagined space, the Daniels Design & Remodeling team has what it takes to conquer your luxury bathroom renovation in Northern Virginia.

With experience, professionalism and creativity, we’ll make your space work for you. Schedule a conversation with the Daniels team today.

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A Complete Bathroom Remodel in 3 Steps

There’s a reason we’re the most trusted bathroom remodeling contractors in Northern Virginia. Since 1997, we’ve fine-tuned our customer-focused 3-Step Process to take the stress and inconvenience out of your bathroom renovation experience. You’ll work with a dedicated project manager every step of the way, including a comprehensive feasibility study, design review and on-site construction. It’s our way of delivering a boutique remodeling experience you’ll enjoy. 

Rethinking Bathroom Design in Northern Virginia

Throughout history, bathrooms were primarily functional. Today, they can be more than utilitarian, providing a calming, luxurious space to relax. Our bathroom designers offer:

  • Modern bathroom design concepts
  • A wealth of experience
  • The proven ability to apply your vision to the space 
  • Adaptations to suit your physical needs

You don’t have to settle for a cramped, outdated bathroom. We can knock down walls, extend plumbing systems, add luxury fixtures, and create precisely what you need. Trust your bathroom redesign to a team that can show you what’s possible – then bring it to life. 

Master Bathroom Remodeling Considerations

There are a few common motivating factors for a bathroom renovation or remodel. Space is often the first consideration and plays an influential role in our standard and master bathroom remodel designs. With extended space comes the option to incorporate more storage, new materials, and a unique aesthetic that reflects your personality and taste. 

Here are a few more reasons our neighbors in Northern Virginia trust Daniels Design & Remodeling with their bathroom redesign projects:

  • Add value to your home. When it comes to the return on your investment, not all home improvements are equal. Luckily for you, well-done master bathroom renovations have about a 60% ROI, and bathroom additions often increase property value. Hiring experienced bathroom remodeling contractors can be a sound investment if you have plans to sell, and there is also the daily value in simply loving every room in your home. 
  • Find more joy and relaxation. Make the bathroom a place you want to spend time in. Step into a luxurious shower. Start your day by looking into a mirror that reflects your style in every possible way. The Daniels team specializes in making a room both functional and delightful.
  • Save the planet. As more homeowners grow to understand and value their impact on the world, sustainability and energy efficiency are playing a more significant role in how we design and build bathrooms. We utilize water-saving showerheads, toilets, and faucets and offer options for efficient light fixtures. We can even incorporate more sustainable building materials to reduce your project’s carbon footprint.
  • Create space for everything. If you’ve been living with a bathroom that’s too small or doesn’t have adequate storage space, count on our bathroom remodeling services to give you more room to breathe. We can build storage into any space to use every square foot efficiently. 

Bathroom Remodeling in Northern Virginia Comes Home with Daniels

We know how to redesign a bathroom layout, but we also know how to build relationships. During our 3-Step Process, you’ll meet our team, review up to three custom concepts, and play a role in every decision that deserves your discretion and insight. Finally, we’ll stick to our construction schedule to make the process convenient. 

See what sets us apart from other bathroom renovation companies in Northern Virginia. Call us at (703) 239-2700 or schedule a conversation, and let’s get your project started. 

Illustrated line graphic showing a bathroom with color palette and tile options

A Faster Way to Remodel

If you don’t have the time or budget to dedicate to a custom renovation, the Daniels Design and Remodeling team still wants to update your bathroom. Try our Express Remodeling Service, which installs your choice of a predetermined menu of new fixtures and features into your existing bathroom layout. We’ve curated a selection of high-end finishes and materials that can be sourced quickly to get your renovation done fast and at less expense. While we can’t tailor our design as much as we can with a fully custom renovation, our Express Service is a quick and affordable way to give your bathroom the makeover you’ve been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a complete bathroom remodel take?

Many factors impact the bathroom renovation timeline. In most cases, you’ll meet with a project manager and start your project within three weeks. We’ll be able to provide a more accurate timeline based on material availability and the construction crew’s schedule at that time.

How much does a complete bathroom remodel cost?

We provide an accurate estimate for every bathroom renovation project at the conclusion of our 3-Step Process. Pricing will be based on a variety of factors. Bathroom renovations have a wide range in pricing, with many starting at $30k+.

What areas does Daniels Design & Remodeling serve?

We offer bathroom remodeling services in the greater Northern Virginia area. Learn more about the communities we’ve served over the past decades!

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